Sankaty Light Benefits - For Employees

The Sankaty ExecSelect™ Plan
A Valuable Enhancement to Your Company’s Basic Health Care Plan

Welcome To Our Plan!

Your employer is providing you and other select employees with this unique Health Care Reimbursement Plan because you are considered a key asset to your company’s growth and success.  This plan provides you and your eligible dependents typically tax-free reimbursement for out-of-pocket and other healthcare expenses that are not covered by your company’s underlying medical plan.*

How Our Plan Works

  • Your employer will provide you with Enrollment forms that you will need to complete according to the instructions provided.  You or your employer will submit these forms to us, and once enrollment is completed you may register online.(click here)
  • You and your enrolled dependents can submit claims by email using our online claims form, or directly using the Member portal.  Our online claims form is easy to complete and is HIPAA compliant.
  • Once your claim is approved, Sankaty Light Benefits will invoice your employer to arrange  the claims payment.  When your employer’s payment is received, we immediately provide direct reimbursement to you via automatic bank deposit.  You may use the reimbursement however you desire. 

If you have questions about your plan benefits and coverage or how to submit claims, please refer to our FAQs.  For additional questions, please call us at 1.844.SANKATY (1.844.726.5289).

If you are already enrolled and have questions about the status of your membership, a claim or claim payment, please call Sankaty Customer Services at 1.888.293.9229, email us at  [email protected] or login to your secure Claims portal at

*Sankaty Light Benefits does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. The material in these presentations is set forth for informational purposes, and is not intended to provide, nor to be relied upon for, tax or accounting advice. Readers should consult their own tax, legal and accounting advisors for advice on their specific situation.

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