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Sankaty Light Benefits - About Our Company

Sankaty Light Benefits - About Our Company

Sankaty Light Benefits is a healthcare and insurance services company committed to providing innovative, cost-efficient solutions to the challenges businesses face in today’s tumultuous health care environment and highly competitive workplace. The company’s newly introduced Key Employee Health Care Cost Reimbursement Plan, ExecSelect™, offers businesses today one of the most cost-effective ways to boost their underlying health plan benefits for select employees who grow and sustain their company – while also differentiating their overall compensation and benefits package from competitors.

Sankaty Light derives its name from the Sankaty (pronounced Sank-a-tee) Head lighthouse on Nantucket Island. Since 1849, this lighthouse has provided a beacon for safe passage through the turbulent waters off the New England coast.  This is the inspiration to use Sankaty Light in our corporate name and motto:  Your Beacon For Navigating Today’s Turbulent Healthcare Waters.

We invite you to learn more about how ExecSelect™ can boost your employee health benefits and differentiate your compensation plans from your competitors. Just select our Basic Brochure or Contact Us here to get started!

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